A Description Of Cable Tray

16 Jun 2022

Cable trays can be explained as mechanical support systems. They are useful in providing rigid structural systems for different purposes like electrical cables, and insulated conductors that are useful for electric power distribution, control, communication and signal instrumentation, railways, etc.

These cable trays are composed of galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. The non-metallic cable trays are made up of glass fibre and reinforced plastic. These cable trays can be of many types but the major ones include:

  • Metal channel-type cable trays
  • Metallic and non-metallic ladder-type cable tray
  • Metal single rail cable tray
  • Metal wire mesh or bracket cable tray
  • Metallic and non-metallic trough type cable tray


Cable tray Manufacturer in Mumbai produce a variety of cable trays from the above-mentioned types and they are sold to various parts of the country. Super Steel Industries is one such brand that manufactures, supplies and distributes various types of cable trays like Perforated type cable trays, ladder type cable trays, raceways, etc. There are many such cable tray manufacturer in Pune, Mumbai, and other parts of the country.

What are these cable trays made up of?

Commonly cable trays are made up of stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized steel, or glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The material used for making the cable trays depend on where the cable tray is going to be used. If these cable trays are made up of galvanized steel and then cut to length, then the cut surface is painted with a compound that is rich in zinc. This helps in preventing the metal from corrosion.

Cable trays have widespread usage in different industries. Having basic knowledge about them is good as it can help you use them better according to your requirements.