Basics of Cable Tray You Must know

20 Jun 2022

Cable trays are a support to your power and communication cables. These cable trays are produced in the country by different manufacturers. Super Steel Industries is one such brand working for the same. They not only produce these cable trays but also export them.

Types of Cable Trays

There are a variety of cable trays available in the market. Each of the cable tray has its unique features and applications. Cable tray manufacturer in Faridabad and other locations manufacture and supply a variety of these. Here are some basic types of cable trays that are being used frequently:

  • Solid Bottom Type Cable Trays: When the fibre-optic cables are installedthe drooping of cablescan affect the performance of the system. To prevent this solid bottom that is non-ventilated cable trays are more preferred. Including this, the other major reason for choosing solid-bottom cable trays for this task is to prevent interference with electromagnetic or radio frequencies.
  • Wire Mesh Type Cable Tray: It is also called a basket cable tray. This cable tray is made out of stainless steel. The steel wires are welded together which forms a basket-like mesh and this gives the name basket or wire mesh cable tray.

These were a few basic cable trays that are commonly manufactured.

Advantages of using Cable Trays

You might wonder why there are many cable tray manufacturer in Gurugram and other locations. This is because cable trays offer a variety of advantages. Some of them include:

  • They are less expensive: This is the primary advantage of using cable trays. These cable trays cost much lesser than any other device or instrument used for protecting the wiring.
  • Easy maintenance: Cables are easily visible from these cable trays. Cables can easily exit or enter from any point the cable. This makes checking and changing wires much easier.
  • Safety: Checking devices is important to maintain the safety of the house. These cable trays are installed in places where regular checking is difficult. Thus providing safety to wires at difficult places as well.

These were all the advantages of Cable trays.

If you want easy protection for your electric wirings then you must consider cable trays.