Cable Tray Manufacturer In Mumbai

30 May 2022

Keeping any space clutter-free requires organization. Industries are massive undertakings in which everything is massive. With the immensity of the industries' size comes a great deal of responsibility for the fittings, safe construction, and careful placement of the massive network of wires.

Putting up a large construction project successfully necessitates making the most of available space and carefully managing electrical power supply connections to guarantee that the project runs smoothly at all times. It's not easy to keep track of a huge number of electrical lines, which is where cable trays come in handy. Our brand Super Steel Industries, as the name implies, are used to conceal electric wires.


For various electrical applications, Super Steel Industries is a leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier, and stockiest of Perforated GI Cable Tray. Super Steel Industries manufactures GI Cable tray Manufacturer in Mumbai, Pune, Maharashtra, including perforated cable trays, ladder cable trays, channel cable trays, and raceway cables. The National Electrical Code specifies the manufacturing requirements for metal cable trays (such as channel cable trays, ladder cable trays, single-rail cable trays, wire mesh cable trays, solid bottom or perforated cable trays) and associated fittings.

This standard also specifies load and span classes. As a result, we are proud of our reputation as a leading Hot Dip Perforated GI Cable Tray Manufacturer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.


The completely automatic cable tray production line is a unique piece of equipment created specifically for cable support system makers for offshore and maritime industries, as well as onshore, building, and other applications.

Our company Super Steel Industries the suitable equipment based on their needs and market conditions. The automatic cable tray production line uses electric control, and touch screen operation, and is simple to learn, considerably increasing cable tray production efficiency in mass production. Moreover, Super Make Cable Trays are approved by: Rites, Ministry of Defense (DRDO), Indian Oil, TATA products, Ordiance Kanpur Gun Factory, DDA, Supreme Court of India, Handloom House Janpath, NirmanBhavan (CPWD), Chhatisgarh State Power Transmission Ltd, and Delhi High Court.