Galvanized Perforated Cable Tray in Raipur

Galvanized Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturers in Raipur

GI perforated cable trays are commonly used as cable management systems in commercial and industrial settings. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted Galvanized Perforated Cable Trays Manufacturer in Raipur. These cable trays are made of galvanized iron (GI) and have perforations at regular intervals. 

To make installing and organizing cables more efficient and quick, the cable trays offered in Raipur have holes punched into them. They are a great option for use in harsh environments because they are durable and corrosion-resistant. 

GI Cable Tray Suppliers in Raipur

Installation of cable trays is simple, and because of the simplicity of their design, cable management is quick and efficient. Our company is the top GI Cable Trays Exporters in Raipur. The cables are safe from overheating and further damage due to the perforation in the trays. 

In situations where there is a possibility that wiring configurations will change, our cable trays enable adaptability. Additionally, we can modify the cable trays in Raipur to meet the distinct requirements of the clients.

Products Related to Galvanized Perforated Cable Tray

Cable Tray Cover

Tray Type Perforated CableTray
Cable Tray Coating Hot-Dip Galvanized
Material Stainless Steel
Length 2.5mtr
Size 40x100/50x300
Shape U Shape
Brand Super Make
Surface Finish Hotdip Galvanized
Side Rail Height 40/50

With the support of vast vendor base, we are supplying highly appreciated SS Perforated Cable Trays. These compactors have wide use in storage solution where effective space utilization is required. Operated with both push&pull system and chain driven system, our offered compactors are ideal storage system for banks, hospitals, factories and defence headquarters. Widely acknowledged for easy assembling and low maintenance, these racks are available in different sizes and dimensions as per the requirement of client.

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Electrical Cable Tray

Tray Type Perforated Cable Tray
Material Mild Steel
Cable Tray Coating Hot-Dip Galvanized
Size Super GI Sheet Perforated Cable Tray of Size 50X150X16g
Brand Super
Length 2-5 m

Our company is engaged in offering robust built Electrical  Cable Tray that are made from the finest mild steel. This is used in various industries for distribution of power throughout the premises. This type of cable tray provides maximum ventilation to heat producing cable such as power cables.

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All Category Range

Perforated Cable Tray

Perforated cable trays are trays with a ventilated base and holes on the rails and bottom to carry the power and signal cables. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is the reputed Perforated Cable Tray Manufacturer in Raipur. They are most frequently used in places such as factories, department stores, health clubs, hospitals, and airports. These cable trays, which feature ventilated bases offered at affordable prices in Raipur, make it convenient to repair and replace cables in an electrical configuration.

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Channel Type Cable Tray

For supporting electrical wiring systems with smaller diameters, channel cable trays are the best choice. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Channel Type Cable Trays Manufacturer in Raipur. These cable trays provide a discreet, aesthetically pleasing solution that keeps cables hidden and secures them while also protecting them. When it comes to the secure and effective transmission of electrical current, these wireways are a well-liked substitute for conduits.

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Galvanized Cable Tray

When it comes to the assembly of power and information cables, galvanized cable trays are among the most helpful and economical of all the available devices. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is the most reliable Galvanized Cable Trays Manufacturer in Raipur. As an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems, commercial and industrial buildings frequently use cable trays for cable management instead of these other options. When modifications are planned to be made to an existing wiring system, cable trays are especially helpful because new cables can be laid in the tray rather than pulled through a pipe.

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Mild Steel Cable Tray

Mild steel cable trays are a kind of cable management system that is utilized to organize and support different electrical wires and cables. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is the Best Mild Steel Cable Trays Manufacturer in Raipur at the best possible prices. These cable trays are made of mild steel, also referred to as low-carbon steel. There are many different sizes and shapes of mild steel cable trays available in Raipur, including ladder, trough, and solid bottom configurations, among others. 

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Ladder Type Cable Tray

We all know, that at every manufacturing facility and commercial warehouse system, wire cables are transported using cable trays. As the chief Ladder Type Cable Tray Manufacturer in Raipur, Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. design and manufacture ladder-type cable trays made of the finest possible raw material. We design these cables with uniform space, and our ladder cable trays have welded connections between the two longitudinal side rails or rungs at regular intervals.

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Flooring Raceway/ Trunking/ Ducts

Floor raceways are widely used in information technology and related sectors to hide and safeguard networking wires. The most dependable source for the highest quality Cable Trays at the most competitive prices is Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd., we are the chief Flooring Raceway Cable Tray Manufacturer in Raipur. Our cable trays are used to keep the wires apart from one another, the flooring raceway has a variety of separators. We provide our clients with a wide range of flooring raceways/trunking and duct that is made from premium raw materials.

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C-Channels/ Z-Channel/ Slotted Angle

For design-sensitive applications, such as spaces and facades with high optical demands, especially in public and commercial locations, slotted channels are the ideal option. We deliver storage systems as the best Slotted Channel Manufacturer in Raipur, our slotted channel is mostly used in the construction of buildings for a variety of supporting purposes. Our slotted channel framing may be fastened to any surface, including concrete, walls, ceilings, floors, and even steel construction, thanks to the design of the perforations in the metal base of the structure.

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Earthing Strip/ Flats

The majority of electrical gadgets are protected by earthing strips, earthing strips are advanced technology that is used when damage from an excessive quantity of power happens to occur. Products like GI earthing strips, Slotted Z channels, and other storage systems are offered by Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. at the most competitive prices, we are the dominant Top GI Earthing Strip Manufacturer in Raipur.

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Solar Rooftop Walkways

One of the numerous benefits of installing Fiber-Reinforced Polymer solar pathways on a rooftop is the corrosion resistance property we embed. As the chief FRP Solar Roof Top Walkway Manufacturer in Raipur, we design our walkway sturdy, corrosion-resistant, and non-flammable. The rooftop walkway from Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is comprised of high-quality fiberglass and protective resin. This product made of isophthalic polyester has undergone extensive quality assurance testing to guarantee quality according to international standards.

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Perforated Type Cable Tray Accessories

Perforated Type Cable Tray that is used for the distribution of cable is ergonomically designed and manufactured after taking care of the needs of the industrial sector in Raipur. Super Cable Tray Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing the finest quality cable trays, we are known to be the best Perforated Type Cable Trays Manufacturer in Raipur. 

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Cable Tray Accessories

Cable trays are a typical component of building wiring and are used to support and hide insulated wires, this system is crucial for managing cables and preventing health and safety risks. We provide cable trays and their accessories as the chief Cable Tray Fitting Manufacturer in Raipur, our cable tray fittings prevent wire cable problems like tangling and tripping in commercial and industrial construction. Other than the reduced operation efficiency, wire cables can promote dangers like electrical conduit and exposed wiring, all these problems must be addressed using cable trays and additions.

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Raceway Junction Box

A Raceway junction is a compact metal junction box of an electrical conduit or thermoplastic-sheathed cable (TPS) wiring system, it is an essential component of the structure. If you are searching for a premium quality raceway junction box, we have a team of professionals who design this junction box ergonomically, hence, we are regarded as the best Raceway Junction Box Manufacturer in Raipur. 

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What are cable tray systems?

An electrical and communication cable management and organization system known as a cable tray is utilized to accommodate various types of cables, it is typically made of metal, such as aluminum or steel, and is available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

What are the benefits of using cable trays?

Several advantages of using a cable tray include better cable management, increased safety, and simpler maintenance. In comparison to other conduit systems, cable trays can offer a more effective and affordable solution.

How are cable trays installed?

Cable trays can be installed in a number of ways, such as hanging from ceilings, mounting on walls, or using floor stands as support. The installation procedure typically entails cutting and fitting the tray to the required length as well as mounting brackets, supports, and hardware.

What are the different types of cable trays?

The term cable tray refers to a variety of different products, some of which include a ladder, ventilated bottom, solid bottom, wire mesh, and trough. Each variety of tray is constructed to work with a distinct set of cable arrangements and applications.

How do I select the suitable cable tray for my needs?

When choosing a cable tray, it is essential to take into consideration a variety of factors, including the weight and dimensions of the cables, the setting in which they will be installed, and any applicable codes and standards. It is essential to take into account the particular necessities of the project, such as the cable capacity, accessibility, and ease of installation, among other things.

Are cable trays fire-resistant?

The answer is yes some cable trays are constructed with fire-retardant materials. Cable trays designed to withstand fire are typically fabricated from materials like galvanized steel or stainless steel, and they are coated with materials designed to withstand fire.

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