Cable Trays and Its Types

24 Jun 2022

Cable trays act as a support system for the power cables and communication cables. These cable trays have the capability of supporting different types of wirings like high voltage power lines, fibre optical cables, control cables, power distribution cables, telecommunication cables, etc.

There are many cable tray manufacturer in Noida and other regions. One such firm is Super Steel Industries in Ghaziabad. This firm produces a variety of cable trays and is considered by both governmental and semi-governmental companies. The company is also contacted by Industries, Electrical Contractors, Railways, Fire Safety Contractors, Defence bodies, etc. for the cable trays.

Cable tray manufacturer in Greater Noida and other regions are also involved in the export of cable trays. These trays not only support and protect the power and signal cables but also facilitate upgrading, relocation, reconfiguring, and expanding the networks.

Types of Cable Trays

There are many types of cable trays available in the market. Some of them include:

  • Ladder Type Cable Trays: This type of cable tray has two side rails that are connected by the rungs. These rungs in the cable tray provide the users with flexible anchors for maintaining the horizontal position of the cable tray.
  • Perforated Type Cable Tray: This cable tray consists of a perforated bottom along with side rails. These cable trays provide more support in comparison to the ladder-type cable trays.
  • Channel Type Cable Trays: This cable tray is more similar to a metal tray. This type of cable tray is useful for very small installations of cable.

These were some of the common types of cable trays.

There are many dealers and manufacturers of cable trays across the country. You can easily contact them and choose your cable tray accordingly.