Your Guide to Cable Trays in India

07 May 2022

Cable trays are an integral part of any industrial setup. The cable trays serve multiple purposes. To ensure the protected placement of large sets of electrical or communication wires, cable trays are used as cases that keep the wires together in a place. For seamless installation of electric or communication wires, cable trays are an ideal choice. We at Super Steel Industries are the manufacturers of cable trays with an experience of years and expertise in the field.

Anyone looking for a cable tray manufacturer in Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bhiwadi should know about its pros. Cable trays are created in a way that they allow heat to pass through them easily and give easy access to the bundle of electrical or communication cables for repairs and replacements or any maintenance purpose in the future.

This is what makes them the best solution for putting together a large number of wires without any hassle involved. Also, since the cables are well covered, it makes the industries or any space look much better and put together. 

The incurring cost of installing cable trays differs with different factors. There are multiple types of cable trays offered by the manufacturers. Every specific type of cable tray has a different price. The built quality of the cable trays also often tends to vary from one manufacturer to another. This is another factor for varying prices or the difference in the overall installation cost of cable trays.

We, at Super Steel Industries deal with manufacturing, distributing and exporting cable trays across the country and abroad. Explore and get in touch with us for an ultimate cable tray solution under one roof. Our products are fabricated using the best raw materials and keeping in mind the specifications laid out by our clients.